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    • Q: I was wondering what I could do? I shop for my prosthesis at the retailers that were listed in the information from my doctor. The prosthetic bras I find are in three basic colors black, beige and white. Boring not sexy colors, I was a Vicky Secret shopper and fan prior to my cancer. Most of the bras I like have underwires and I’ve heard rumors they can cause breast cancer I tried putting my prosthesis in regular bras but don’t feel secure. What options do I have?

      Bored but Sexy,

      Cerritos, CA

      A: I would imagine you would feel less secure as regular (non-prosthetic) bras don’t have pockets for the prosthesis. They can sometimes reveal it or by it being less secure it might shift as you move and go about your day. There is some controversy over underwire bras and breast cancer for various reasons. Rather than elaborate on those reasons and the studies surrounding them. I would say for women who choose to wear underwire type bras, relieve your stress and remove the wire. Remove the underwire through making a small slit under the corner of the bra and sliding the metal (wire) out.

      Bras that fit properly give women a sense of security (in appearance, posture, proper circulation) I believe you’re looking for and they tend to support the shoulders and back. They work for me.

      Now back to your concern of colorful and sexy mastectomy bras. Yes most retailers do only have the three possibly four colors. See if one of your options on the list from your doctor’s is Nordstrom. It was on the list of retailers from my doctor.

      I shop Nordstrom and with their Prosthesis Program they will pocket any bras you choose from entire selection of bras in their lingerie department. They also have bra fitters and fitting events for women who wear prosthesis. Visit their website and check out their prosthesis program at: http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/prosthesis-program and stay sexy and exciting.


    • Thanks for surving our community at the level that you have!

      Theresa King